Mind Resin in Your Marble and Granite Flooring

Natural stones are made conspicuously by manufacturers. However, when you order natural stones you simply can’t guarantee that the product will reach your home in one piece and in the best possible way. Stone sealers are the first choice when it comes to protection of stones. After the use of stone sealers you can use resins. If you want to treat damaged granite and marble, the use of resin is advised.

ImageThe resin curing industry is more than a decade old. The use of resin comes with numerous issues like small cracks, imperfections and holes. Resins penetrate into cracks and holes to bring back not only the immaculate shape of the stone but also enhance the appearance of it.

It is resin that has helped make stone countertops easily available in the market. The use of resin is one of the main reasons that has triggered the use of stones for household purposes like kitchen countertops, bathroom pelmet and fireplace guards. Resin, though it costs comparatively less, it is highly efficient and its durability remains unaffected in anyway.

Apart from being easily available it is also very affordable. Its reasonable price draws the attention of people belonging to all groups. Before resin was available, thick slabs of granite and marble were used for making countertops. Due to availability of resin, designers have the opportunity to fabricate and work on numerous surface areas. Fabricators have the freedom to slash shapes and dimensions which would better fit in the homes’ existing design.

Certainly, like every other thing under the sun there are flaws in resin too. At times, the cause of discoloration of marble has been found to be the use of resin. When resin is added to certain stone it makes the texture cloudy. But again, these useless effects can be prevented by knowing the compatibility of the sealer with resin.

The use of resin has been a controversial issue as many, have the feeling it will hamper the originality of the stone. On the whole, resin is considered to be beneficial to the natural stone industry. If gauged properly, most people would not be able to install stone countertops without resin.

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